Have you ever eaten delicious Japanese curry?


Japanese-style curry is a curry that developed independently in Japan from India via England, and is characterized by its rich sauce.

In Japan, everyone from children to adults loves this menu.


However, this curry is basically made at home and eaten, so there are surprisingly few places where you can eat out.

Chain stores and cheap restaurants have it, but there aren't many specialty stores that are particular about it.


Our restaurant specializes in delicious Japanese curry.

We offer a carefully crafted menu, so please try it!

<Our shop is popular with foreigners living in Japan and foreigners traveling in Japan>

・There is an English menu

・Credit card payment is possible

・1 minute walk from Hiyoshi Station (Those going to Shibuya or Yokohama can come by train!)

<Access Guide to "Made in Hands" for International Travelers>

Welcome to "Made in Hands" located in Hiyoshi, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Here's how you can reach us from the main transportation hubs.


From Tokyo:

Take the Tokyu Toyoko Line from Shibuya Station to Hiyoshi Station. It usually takes approximately 30 minutes. After exiting Hiyoshi Station, our store is just a 1-minute walk away.


From Yokohama:

From Yokohama Station, take the Tokyu Toyoko Line to Hiyoshi Station. The journey usually takes about 15 minutes. Once you arrive at Hiyoshi Station, our store is just a 1-minute walk away.


We look forward to your visit!